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jillian Leonard

who am I?

Jillian Leonard's spontaneous kundalini awakening changed everything. She had already gone from an atheist to confirmed afterlife believer after a visitation from her deceased grandfather in 2012. When the kundalini awakening opened her chakras in 2017, she went from seeing departed spirits to witnessing ETs and having spontaneous out-of-body experiences. After the tragic and unexpected death of her boyfriend, David - her abilities to connect the with spirit world only grew

whaT To ExpecT

Fascinated by all things paranormal, Jillian's passion evolved from devouring books and shows on the supernatural to learning how to hone her natural psychic and mediumship abilities. She is now in her second year of psychic mediumship training with internationally recognized Canadian Spirit Talker, Shawn Leonard (no relation).

Jillian's passionate engagement on these subjects caught 3rd Eye Salon's attention and we soon asked her to join our show. She brings a fresh beam of light and insight, sharing her own amazing experiences in our conversations. We are lucky to have her and grateful to her two little ones for letting us borrow "mommy" every Saturday morning!

Join us!

whaT TO expecT

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