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Although he has dabbled in psychic mediumship, animal communication, channeling and energy healing - he has never fully embraced one method or modality, preferring to use his gifts at a moment’s notice as directed by his intuition or a nudge by his Spirit Guides. 

Katman is a psychic empath and uses his abilities to help others in owning their natural gifts, divine connection to life and rightful place in the world. Called a psychic Doula by some and Spirit guide incarnate by others, Kat prefers to use his abilities to help other psychics grow into their power and take their place on the world stage so that they may more effectively serve others.

Katman hails from a small, rural town in Iowa. He grew up with cows and cornfields but always had his eye on the sky, dreaming about UFOs, Extraterrestrials, and Angels. Having a fascination for all things “paranormal” and other-worldly; Kat has spent decades informally researching everything from Near-Death Experiences to Alien Encounters to Big Foot and beyond. 

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KaTman Udarro

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