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whaT TO expecT

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Lynda ColTer-Bergh

Born remembering how she was murdered, Lynda has always been “different,” according to her family; a mark of separation she carried with her through her life.  From fearing shadow people as a child, to being taught how to erase them from her presence, Lynda hid in her own shadows, afraid there was something wrong with her.   As a child, when she told her mother about her friend, the ghost, or how she saw herself from above, she was scolded and told to stop saying these things or people would think she was crazy.  So, she hid.  She hid so hard, it took her decades to find herself again.  It culminated in her heart repeatedly stopping, sending her to what she calls The Waiting Room.

Now, she coaches people who are awakening to their higher purpose through, not only her natural gifts, but through her practical business and life coaching practices, helping people find their own way.  But, first, she had to find hers.  That meant being brave and admitting that she was a psychic, a medium, and very practical woman with gifts she could no longer explain away.


A huge turning point was when she realized, really realized, that this is our natural state.  She knew that in order to truly be in alignment with her purpose, she could no longer hide.  She believes everyone has at least one mission in life and hers is to help others find, embrace, and feel the joy of fulfilling theirs.


She believes awakening to your true self is not always easy, and is a continuing journey through lifetimes.  But there is a beauty in the ebb and flow of the dance that takes place between 3D and 5D consciousness.  Still discovering her own way, she admits fully she is a work in progress.  Yet with each disappointment, delight, and surprise along her path, she is greeted with the lessons needed to turn her to her true nature.

Join us to discover what Walking in Grace means to Lynda as she discovered her own Journey to Wisdom. 

who hires me?

My clients hire me to strengthen their intuitive and practical abilities to increase their joy, financial well-being, and live their purpose, because too many people are suffering in jobs and relationships that aren't fulfilling and they want more satisfaction out of life, but don't know how to get there.

Together, we create the foundation for a life in which you will feel more connected to your Divine Self, enabling you to live in a 3D world while pulling in support from the 5D realm. 

I am a coach who uses both real-world, practical experience and my innate intuitive abilities to guide my clients towards fulfilling their life missions.  My main form of communication is clairaudient.  However, I am also clairvoyant, sentient, and cognizant. 

You are given one-on-one attention, not cookie-cutter coaching.  We work together to define the right tools and practices to improve your intuitive abilities so you can recognize the internal and external guidance you are shown.  We tackle the tough situations in your life or your business using both our intuition and our practical skills.  If need-be, I help you identify other resources that will help you along the way.

One of the things my clients like most is that our sessions can flow between business or work and personal transformational coaching in the same call.  It's like having two people on your team, a Business Consultant and a Life Coach.

whaT TO expecT



Glass Buildings

Most Popular Package includes two 2 hour sessions, plus email and text support for $500/month​.* This is month by month, no long-term commitment.  


If you choose to sign up for 6 months, that drops to $400 a month, paid monthly.*  Sessions can be recorded for your review.


Readings (Pendulum and Card)

1 Hour sessions are $125  Sessions are recorded for your review.

Customized Semi-Precious Stone Pendulums

Made individually for you, these pendulums are made tapping into your highest self to provide clearer readings.

Workshops, Online Classes
for Businesses and Groups

Bar Chart

Credit card processing for your business As part of the practical coaching, I can review your statements to see if you are in the best service for your volume at fair rates.


I have 10 years of experience as an Independent Rep, which allows me to find the right solutions for my clients from many sources. I often free up hundreds of dollars for my clients so they can use that money in other areas of their businesses.


personalized BUSINESS 




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