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Star Cousins: Meet the P’nti and Star Nation Contactee, Su Walker

Psychic Medium, Su Walker, remembers her first ET contact when she was only 3 years old. Her contact experiences changed and evolved over the years. But it wasn’t until she was visiting her future husband near the Sandia mountains of New Mexico that she began to have crystal clear telepathic conversations with beings that she would later come to know as the P’nti (pawn-tea). Her and her husband’s (Rev. White Otter) relationship with these bright, gentle beings developed into a genuine friendship. Su and Otter now act as cultural ambassadors for this benevolent collective from Zeta Reticuli II. 3rd Eye Salon is excited and honored to help build this connection with their ever-expanding family of new experiencers.

Su Walker and the P'nti:


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Su Walker on Karen Swain's "Accentuate the Positive":

Music: Compassion - JeffSpeed68, the lips of god - urmymuse, airtone - reCreation

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