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Star Kids Speak Out: Mary Rodwell Reveals their Earthly Struggles & Multidimensional Mission

In this conversation we take a fresh look at the ET Contactee experience. Researcher, Author and International Speaker, Mary Rodwell, unravels the mysteries of the Star Children currently incarnating on the planet. Although labeled with ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome and Autism and other diagnoses, Mary's research of well over 3,000 cases shows that these kids are simply operating at a different level of comprehension, expression and frequency. Unlike many classic ET contactee and abduction experiences, Star Kids remain consciously connected to their soul's mission, their Extraterrestrial family, and their extraordinary (and often overwhelming) gifts for sensing, seeing, experiencing and comprehending multiple dimensions at once. Where do these kids come from and how can we support them in a world that routinely tries to label and limit them? Mary has some very smart, practical and insightful answers...

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