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First Contact: Our Star Cousins, the P'nti with Su Walker (Part 2)

Welcome back to our conversation with Psychic Medium, Su Walker, and our Star Cousins, the P'nti. Learn how this Star Nation interacts with our world, how to communicate with them, how and why they cloak themselves from public view, and the Do and Do Nots of telepathic communication. Su and her husband, Rev. White Otter act as cultural ambassadors for this benevolent collective from Zeta Reticuli II as they prepare for official First Contact with Earth humans. 3rd Eye Salon is excited and honored to help build this connection with their ever-expanding family of new experiencers.

Su Walker and the P'nti:


Social Media:

Su Walker on Karen Swain's "Accentuate the Positive":

Music: Compassion - JeffSpeed68, the lips of god - urmymuse, airtone - reCreation

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